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Awaiting The Outline

In Online media on 4 Aug 2016 at 4:00 pm

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The “next big thing” in online publishing is impossible to describe. Just ask the guy who invented it, wunderkind Josh Topolsky. He’s the brains behind The Verge and other online things-of-the-moment whose moments have come and gone. Here he is, talking to recode about his latest project, which is called The Outline:

We’re … I’m loathe to use the word publication because I don’t think it’s right. Are you gonna use this verbatim? Okay. What I’d say is that we’re a publication focused on telling a story of the way the world is now, and the way the world will be for a modern reader.

He goes on to say he hopes The Outline will be for this generation what Wired and Rolling Stone were for previous generations. Now we’re getting somewhere. Near as I can figure, his is going to be a news site for the super cool kids (we know who we are!) who all the advertisers really want to reach. In this discriminating way, he figures to build a brand that is worth money for what it is and not just a content mill for redistributed stuff on other people’s social media platforms. That is to say, he wants to run a website and events and interesting stuff that is unique. Interestingly, he promises not to chase the most clicks.

What a novel concept. Now I’m intrigued.

I can’t tell whether Topolsky is being purposely obtuse or whether perhaps he himself doesn’t quite know what it is. (He does like to cuss a lot, which is kind of fun to read I guess.) He has hired some heavy digital hitters, and he’s up to something. Which makes it an interesting project. …

I signed up. Maybe you should too. Let’s see what he delivers.



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