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Instagram vs. Snapchat

In Online media on 4 Aug 2016 at 3:52 pm
Just something snarky I saw on my Instagram feed.

Just something snarky I saw on my Instagram feed.

This week, the folks at Instagram (who work for Facebook) stole Snapchat’s lunch money. They launched Instagram Stories, which is a direct ripoff of Snapchat Stories, and some of the smart money is betting eyeballs will leave Snapchat in favor of the already more popular Instagram.

I know. It’s hard to keep up with the social media soap opera sometimes.

The concept behind “stories” on both platforms is that users can create mini photo-based narratives that disappear with time. And why would anyone want to do that? Snapchat Stories have been wildly popular with celebrities and young people. I think they appreciate that the images don’t have to be perfect. They won’t outlive us all. they are just a snapshot of right now.

Should we be doing that too? Good question.

This isn’t a way to push links or host ads. The popular photo-based platforms are primarily branding exercises for news organizations. They are a chance to show that you speak to this demographic and that your photography is worth looking at. Instagram suggests that the new Stories will be a perfect way to quickly stitch together a photo story during breaking news. I can see that. If you are covering, say, a street protest, you can send a series of photos as a story and share with your existing Instagram audience. Or maybe a sportswriter sends a story from the high school football game. It’s not rocket science. It won’t take forever.  …

The good news is we can experiment with this for virtually no investment. What have you got to lose?


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