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In journalism on 18 Aug 2016 at 4:04 pm

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Do you ever share your stuff with other Wick newspapers? I ask you because Williston Managing Editor Jamie Kelly asked me.

At various times, in various places, Wick newsrooms have shared stories and photographs. It has been fairly formal, as in Arizona, where IT genius Don Judd built an online architecture to facilitate sharing from, say, Nogales to Sierra Vista. It has been much more informal, as it is when Williston and Sidney share oil patch stories just because journalists communicate there.

I told Jamie that I have always thought there were opportunities to share our best work but that they were somewhat limited by geography. Frankly, I can’t imagine running a Williston Herald story in the Half Moon Bay Review and I can’t imagine readers in Roanoke Rapids, N.C., are terribly interested in the fact that a new Dunkin’ Donuts just opened out here in California. Consequently, I haven’t spared much brainpower thinking about it.

However, Jamie and I shared one idea that might work: a shared Drive. Suppose there was a North Dakota/Montana shared Google Drive into which editors in Williston, Sidney and Wahpeton dropped their best or more regionally interesting stuff? It could be that each paper drops one story a week in there along with the accompanying art. Or maybe just the story budgets so editors could see them and subsequently ask for one story or another. The same regional symbiosis could work in Arizona and Alaska. …

It’s just an idea. It would be free and pretty worry-free as well. Perhaps you are already doing something else that works and would like to share that idea. Email me.

Oh, and welcome, Jamie. Before coming to Williston this summer, he earned more than a decade’s worth of experience in newspapers in the East and Midwest and was most recently digital news director for Cornell College in Iowa.



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