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Uncovering trends at home

In Editing on 18 Aug 2016 at 4:08 pm


Sometimes, the most obvious things in our communities are the least-covered aspects. Sometimes, stuff is so ubiquitous that it feels like everyone already knows it and that makes it the opposite of news.

Sometimes, as a result, we miss the boat.

That was not the case at the Sierra Vista Herald, which recently completed a series called, “Those who Served.” It was a three-part series that ran on successive Sundays and looked at the lives of people who successfully transitioned from the military life that is synonymous with living in Sierra Vista and life as a civilian.

Stories were written by staffers Derek Jordan, Eric Petermann and Christine Steele, as well as freelancer Kay Poiro. The photos were taken by the newspaper’s Mark Levy. Together, they looked at how different generations have handled the transition, how educational courses have helped and how individuals have found their niches. …

It is a big topic in a town dominated by the fortunes of Fort Huachuca, but it would nonetheless be easy to ignore precisely because it was “happening” all around them.

A series like this doesn’t just happen. There were portraits to assign, charts to construct, layouts to consider. The care is obvious throughout.

It makes you wonder what other big trend stories are hiding right under our noses.


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