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New Quartz app rocks

In Mobile on 8 Dec 2016 at 10:59 am


Whether you are familiar with Quartz probably says something about the way in which you consume news. And, if you like its mobile presentations so far, chances are you are going to be fascinated by what its done now.

Quartz is a news aggregation apparatus that publishes “bracingly creative and intelligent journalism,” particularly dealing with the global economy, in ways that are aimed at users of tablets and mobile phones. It’s only been in business for four years, but it seems much more well-established than that.

It’s pretty hard to describe its latest launch. In a blog post, Quartz says the mobile app is “sort of like texting.” It sends text-like messages to which you can respond. It offers more on these stories and links to longer takes. It’s also easy to “tell” the app you aren’t interested in that story and to move on. It looks and feels like texting an all-knowing friend (and who doesn’t need another know-it-all friend?)

It’s right here and I highly recommend you give it a try on your mobile device.

Quartz isn’t alone in trying to master the confluence of news and conversation. In fact, we’ve all been trying to do that since commenting became “a thing” a dozen years ago. But as Josh Stearns notes, projects like Quartz’s are blooming all over.

The key for all of these projects is getting past our past as gatekeeper and on to our future as conversation starter. Or convener. Or further-er. …

Incidentally, Stearns is the program director for The Local News Lab, which is the fulcrum of journalism experimentation funded by the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. He describes a ton of journalism innovation on his blog, which you can follow here. He is one of my favorite media watchers.



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