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Take 5 and work better

In Management on 5 Jan 2017 at 12:01 pm

OK, we have some really nice walking opportunities here.

As I told the folks at The Half Moon Bay Review when I brought this to their attention, far be it from me to give healthy lifestyle tips to, well, anyone. I don’t exercise enough and eat like a hog in a trough.

Perhaps that is why I confess that sometimes my energy lags during the day.

This week, I read this story in The New York Times, confirming the benefit of a little exercise break wherever you can get it. I won’t regurgitate the entire story, but the crux is here:

The numbers showed that on almost all measures, the subjects’ ratings of how they were feeling rose when they did not sit for six uninterrupted hours. They said that they felt much more energetic throughout the day if they had been active, whether that activity was bunched into a single longish walk at the start of the day or distributed into multiple brief breaks.

On other measures, though, the five-minute walks were more potent than the concentrated 30-minute version. When the workers rose most often, they reported greater happiness, less fatigue and considerably less craving for food than on either of the other days. Their feelings of vigor also tended to increase throughout the day…

Greater happiness, less fatigue, more vigor. What would you give for all that in the new year? Is it worth a couple of five-minute walks in the middle of your day?

One thing I like about this idea is that it corresponds to B.J. Fogg’s theory about “tiny habits.” Big New Year’s resolutions are almost doomed to fail and you know it even as you commit. But, while you might not run a mile every morning, a five-minute walk is just creating a tiny habit. …

I’m going to try to incorporate it into my day. Ask me how it is going.



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