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Gilding The Lily

In Mobile on 18 Jan 2017 at 6:39 pm


The Washington Post today announces The Lily, an experimental, visually-driven (sic) product designed for millennial women that will boldly reimagine The Post’s award-winning journalism for distributed platforms.

The Post’s post goes on to say this is a platform-specific deal ginned up by the organization’s Emerging News Products Team and will start on Facebook, Instagram and Medium to begin with.

My first reaction? It seems awfully calculating and paternal, to me.  …

Are we to assume women of a certain age can only digest the news over social media bites and that they need cutesy headlines like the click bait in the picture above to grab them?

OK, let me take a deep breath. First of all, good on them. Congratulations to The Washington Post for having a team of professionals dedicated to new products like this. Even if I think the idea is a bit cynical, it’s a savvy attempt to use analytics to find certain readers where they live and entice them with the kind of things they seem to want.

So there is that.

In case you are wondering, The Post says the name “The Lily” is a nod to the first newspaper for and run by women which was established in 1849. The newer version will launch later this year.



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