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Editorial project idea No. 1

In Ideas on 16 Feb 2017 at 6:33 pm


They say there is nothing new under the sun and all the best ideas are cribbed from somewhere else. Or are at least incremental.

Well, here is a story form that I stole fair and square from one of my favorite news sources, Reveal. It’s the idea of news reporting via Instagram. Reveal rolled out a story on the inequity of plea deals in the courts through 21 beautifully rendered Instagram posts. Look for yourself. It’s just freaking awesome. It is stunning reporting, visually amazing and ready made for viral sharing.

Did it work? Heck, I don’t know. Looks like most of the Reveal posts got a fewer than 200 likes and not too much commentary. But then the best of what we do has not always gotten the notice it deserves.

I decided to try something sort of like this and I was smart enough to enlist the help of Half Moon Bay Review photographer John Green. His Instagram images are always a treat and sometimes very widely appreciated in the community. I asked him to run around town on Thursday, which was widely observed in our community and elsewhere as “A Day Without Immigrants.” Many local restaurants were closed in solidarity or because they simply didn’t have enough workers if enough of them observed the day off. I asked him to take square Instagram images that captured a closed restaurant. Which is a weird assignment.

The result was an interesting photo story that he parlayed into a series of filtered shots. Just simple images from Coastside favorites that were closed for the day. This story is the talk of the town today in Half Moon Bay and we helped propel it. …

This is the kind of simple project, that is different and fun and worth trying. It would also count as a new editorial project, as outlined in the 2017 editorial goals. I have other ideas and would be happy to share them. Send me an email.



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