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In Uncategorized on 7 Sep 2017 at 3:53 pm

I wanted to dedicate today’s Kicker to a couple of relatively new things you can do through TownNews to increase reader engagement.

And why would I want to do that?

You are excused if you roll your eyes at the mention of this year’s metric of the moment. First we chased pageviews, then registered readers and for a while we talked about time spent on the site. Well, this is sort of like that. Smart people now think the most important aspect of your website is how it engages readers. Do they stick with stories, comment on them, share them with their friends? It’s hard to argue with that. The point of journalism is to have an impact on the lives of “consumers” of our “product.”

In order to help readers engage in 2017, we have to be cognizant of aesthetics, particularly on mobile. We’re increasingly visual learners. Fifteen years ago, virtually no one walked around all day, every day with a camera in his or her pocket. Today, everyone has one at all times. That, more than anything, has changed the nature of newsgathering and delivery. Citizen journalists are everywhere and they can publish in powerful ways that the last generation of professional journalists never dreamed possible.

So, these small changes at TN are a big deal. I hope you will read on and experiment with these new tools today. Seriously. Stop what you are doing, go to your asset manager and try to add cover art or a vertical gallery. Takes minutes.



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