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Three cheers (and a couple more) for the Sierra Vista Herald editorial writers who penned the newspaper’s opinion in the July 27 newspaper.

It takes to task Senator-wannabe Kelli Ward for her insensitive and just plain wrong recent statements about Sen. John McCain, who famously returned to the Senate chambers after undergoing treatment for brain cancer. (Ward said that McCain should step aside because the country has “complicated” work that she hinted McCain wasn’t up for.)

To which the Herald replied:

In a chamber beset by division, McCain stepped forward with an inspiring and eloquent message on the importance of restoring political practices that promote bi-partisanship and produce results.

Hie representation of this nation — and Arizona, especially — offer an example of everything that Ward is not…

The editorial is  literate. (Even alliterative!) It’s forceful. It’s right. Bravo. More, please.


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