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Opportunities the world over

In Business on 18 Oct 2013 at 8:27 am
Anette Novak, INMA

Anette Novak, INMA

The Internet, of course, is worldwide – hence, the worldwide web. Yet, sometimes we think of the possibilities in terms of what we see in English or even just the United States.

This week, I happened on a blog post written by Anette Novak, CEO of Interactive Institute Swedish. According to a short bio, Novak’s company conducts world-class applied research and innovation and creates groundbreaking user experiences. Whatever that means.

But Novak is also a former editor and current media consultant. Which means she comes from a place we can all understand. In a blog post posted to the International News Media Association website, Novak argues that the future belongs to news media that goes beyond a catalog of breaking news events. She presents a list of “hidden opportunities” for news professionals going forward.

Some of them – more and better op-eds, investigative journalism and local calendars – are things we’ve talked about before. But she also suggests a range of digital opportunities that we have largely ceded to Facebook and others with no understanding of our own communities. I’ll leave it to you to read what she has to say. … Read the rest of this entry »